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Louisiana Lions League for Crippled Children Foundation

P.O. Box 171

Leesville, La. 71496

A few determined Lions Club Members trying to get a couple of disabled youngsters into a summer camp in their area started it all....

It is the dream of children with physical and mental disabilities to run and play and be treated as normal children.  Part of this dream became a reality in 1957 when the Louisiana Lions League for Crippled Children, Inc. was chartered.  Construction began and a camp for 8 - 15 year old children with physical disabilities opened in 1961. Shortly afterwards, youth with mental disabilities were included within the programming and in 1989, insulin dependant youth with diabetes and children with pulmonary disorders were included in the camping program

The Charter called for the incorporation to have 3 funds:

(1)General Fund for operational expenses

(2)Capital Improvement Fund for buildings, grounds, and equipment improvements and purchases

(3)Endowment Fund for endowment purposes; these funds to be raised from memorials, donations in honor of individuals birthdays, hospital stays, anniversaries, etc.  The principal amount is placed in interest bearing investments and a return of only the interest to the General Fund for operational purposes.

The Gift of a Lifetime

The Louisiana Lions League for Crippled Children Foundation was established in September, 1979.  The Foundations sole purpose is to secure gifts for Endowment purposes.  Endowment Fund donations will always be transferred to and remain within the Foundation. Only the Investment income from the Foundation Assets may be used for the benefit of the operations of the Louisiana Lions Camp.

Everyone can play a part in fulfilling the dream of the special children served at the Louisiana Lions Camp in the form of a tax deductible gift to the Louisiana Lions League for Crippled Children Inc. Endowment Fund.  What better legacy than that of helping a child. You can provide the keys to an educational out-of-doors experience which allows Louisiana's special children to build self-esteem, be among peers, make new friends, as well as enjoy all of the activities offered at camp.

Tax deductible gifts to the Foundation can be in the form of cash donations, real estate, stock certificates, life insurance, memorial gifts, or as a legatee in your will.

For further information about the Foundation or the Camp please call 1-800-348-6567

The Louisiana Lions League is a 501 (c)-3 organization, your contributions are tax deductible.

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